The WAM 4 Project

The WAM 4 Project is dedicated to supporting the long-term conservation and protection of nature, wildlife & culture on the Mornington Peninsula and surrounds so that it can thrive and be enjoyed for generations to come. 

W4M is the not-for-profit entity of Wild Adventures Melbourne (WAM). WAM is a regenerative tour operator offering multi-activity eco adventures in the wilderness of the Mornington Peninsula, Australia.

Our vision is to simply to make a positive impactful difference to the health of our guests, the community, lands and waters by supporting inspirational environmental and community projects.

WAM 4 aims to have initiatives and support projects that benefit 4 key areas:

  • W4M for Environment
  • W4M for Community
  • W4M for Culture
  • W4M for Customers

Discover the inspirational projects and initiatives W4M is supporting