Reef Regeneration

The W4M Project supports The Nature Conservancy’s National Reef Builder Project that aims to rebuild 60 reefs across southern Australia. If achieved, it will make Australia the first nation in the world to recover a critically endangered marine ecosystem.

Local restaurants provide used seafood shells to The Nature Conservancy which are used for the reef restoration thus preventing waste and creating a circular impact.

The Nature Conservancy have also launched a multi-species restoration project which involves hatchery cultivation of three species: doughboy scallops, golden kelp and giant kelp. Golden kelp and doughboy scallops will be deployed onto three reefs at the existing Dromana (Mornington Peninsula) reef location.

By 2030, The W4M Project aims to support the regeneration of over an acre of reef and kelp forests in Port Phillip Bay providing marine habitat, filtering seawater, removing nitrogen and phosphate, and preventing used shell from entering landfill.

Our Coasters 4 Coasts initiative donates 100% of profits to go towards reef restoration in Port Phillip Bay and ocean clean-ups along the Mornington Peninsula coastline.

Click below to donate and help restore reefs in Southern Australia and receive a discount to use on a WAM Eco Adventure.

You’ll also be supporting and restoring marine life habitat in the waters off the Mornington Peninsula, you never know this could mean you see even more marine life when you next join an adventure with WAM!

All Photo and video credit: Streamline Media