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Our Must-Do Eco Adventures

Fully Guided Adventurous Days Out

Stand Up Paddleboarding instructor paddling with small group in turquoise blue waters with beach and bathing boxes in the background.
Stand up paddleboarding instructor leading small group along lake on the Mornington Peninsula with native trees either side of the water.
Guests relaxing in thermal hot pools and chairs at the Peninsula Hot Springs

Epic Picnics (of the Adventurous type!)

Two couples enjoying a picnic sitting at a viewpoint overlooking the ocean on the Mornington Peninsula

WAM Special Edition Tours

split screen image. top half of group bathing in thermal hot pool. bottom half man swimming in natural rock pool.
Rock wallabies on boulder

Multi-Day Winter Adventure Tour

Tree lined alpine road in the Australian Alps with snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Private Group Tours & Transfers


Thrill Seeking or Seeking Nature?

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Making a Difference

WAM is an Eco-conscious purpose driven operator in all we do. From our regenerative tourism practices to giving back through The WAM 4 Project, we do tourism differently so it's good for you, the environment and community. WAM is one of the first and only Tour Operators in Australia to be a Certified B-Corporation which means we have met incredibly high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

100% 5 Star reviews...

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Snorkelling with rays in Nairm (Port Phillip Bay).

WAM’s SUP & Snorkel Safari heads out on paddleboards to beautiful locations before jumping in to explore underwater landscapes full of marine life.
This half day adventure also includes a delicious lakeside breakfast and a SUP lesson and tour of an inland waterway with wildlife including wallabies, eagles, and turtles.

Our SUP & Snorkel Safari half day adventure runs until April. Click link in bio to book.

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It’s hard to explain how exhilarated you feel after this but take it from us, you’ll be buzzing!

Imagine being taken through the benefits of hot & cold water therapy in a guided workshop followed by visiting magical rock pools the size of swimming pools to try it out in nature!

WAM has partnered with @peninsulahotsprings to offer our special adventure this summer: Hot Pools to Rock Pools Discovery.

🔥🧊 Fire & Ice wellness experience learning the benefits and techniques of hot & cold water therapy
🐠 Short guided hike to magnificent hidden rock pools to swim in and practice
🧺 Delicious viewpoint lunch full of delicious local produce
♨️ An afternoon bathing at the Peninsula Hot Springs
🚐 Guide and transport (start/finish Mornington Peninsula or Frankston Station)

Our last public tour for this summer is on Friday 16th February and we still have a few spots left so get in quick.
This experience is also available as a private tour on a selected dates.

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Come and feel like a local, with a laid back vibe discovering the lesser known extraordinary sides of the Mornington Peninsula.

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Here is the WAM Adventure Menu for February 2024.

5 steps to making the last month of summer really count:
STEP 1: Take a screenshot of this.
STEP 2: Share with your friends/family
STEP 3: Choose a WAM experience
STEP 4: Book it in!
STEP 5: Have the most incredible day on the Mornington Peninsula full of outdoor adventure, local produce, relaxation, and a shit load of fun!

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If you can choose any month to go on an outdoor adventure on the Mornington Peninsula, pick February! Literally the perfect month to visit, let WAM show you every bit of what makes the Peninsula different in a way hardly anyone gets to experience.
#thrillseekingnature #seeaustralia #morningtonpeninsula #visitmelbourne #drivevictoria

The 26th January is a day of mourning and survival for our First Nations Communities, a date that’s a painful reminder of the profound loss of sovereignty over land, family, and cultural rights for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

As an ally non-Indigenous business, we choose to respectfully and continuously listen, learn and reflect from our First Nations People and stand in solidarity acknowledging that January 26th is not a date to celebrate.

Every day we are thankful and pay our respects to the Bunurong / Boon Wurrung People of the Kulin Nation on lands and waters where we operate.

Always was. Always will be.


Well that was a first guiding a bunch of Italian carrots for the day on the Mornington Peninsula!
🥕 🎾 🥕 🍷 🥕 🏖️ 🥕 🐠 🥕 🦘 🥕 🌅 🥕 🍺
This year during the @australianopen we welcomed the @carotaboys (aka the official fan club of @janniksin ) on a WAM experience checking out local produce, beaches, wildlife, and sunsets of the #morningtonpeninsula . The nicest guys and lots of fun and laughter throughout.

Great to visit @kerrigreens and @peninsula_fresh_seafood as part of the day.

The WAM van may not be a restaurant, but we had it specially modified so we can pull up to the most breathtaking views for meals.

Our guests love kicking back on the seating during an eco adventure tasting the freshest locally made and grown produce, whilst marvelling at the panoramic vistas.

Come and discover your #thrillseekingnature

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THE must do summer activity on the #morningtonpeninsula
We have full and half day multi activity adventures which include Stand Up Paddleboarding with qualified instructors, marine life (possibly dolphins!) and the stunning backdrop of the Peninsula coastline.

It’s like that, and that’s the way it is!

Artwork by our dear friend and very talented @matthillmandesign

#thrillseekingnature #sup #seeaustralia #standuppaddle #ecotourism #regenerativetourism

This photo was taken yesterday.
Coastal hiking to a stunning rock pool. Peak of the summer season BUT with nobody else around apart from our small group of WAM guests.

We pride ourselves as locals showing people the lesser known of the #morningtonpeninsula (Bunurong / Boon Wurrung country) and think it’s one of the biggest value adds of joining an eco-adventure with us.

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[Image description: female swimmer floating in a turquoise rock pool with beach, coastal cliffs and ocean waves in the background]

We love taking groups to have amazing wild encounters with native wildlife and marine life.

Here are some of the water based experiences we have had in the last few weeks:
🐠 Paddle & Snorkel with massive rays and other marine life
🦅 SUP a beautiful lake (which we get special access to) as White Bellied Eagles soared above
🐢 Spotted Eastern Long-necked Turtles in an inland waterway

As adventure obsessed locals we know the best spots to have these encounters and they are always such special memorable experiences.

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Coming on an eco-adventure with WAM isn’t just about incredible outdoor activities, we also provide some of the finest tasting produce you could imagine.

We work closely with amazing local producers like @torellofarm so that everything you are tasting has been grown and made locally.

Doesn’t get much fresher than that.

See below what food we provide on our adventures:
🍓 Peninsula Paddle Pinot & Pools = Ocean Viewpoint Picnic lunch
🫐 SUP & Snorkel Safari = Lakeside Breakfast
🧺 Secret Adventure Picnics = Picnic Lunch
🥕 Hot Pools to Rock Pools Discovery = Picnic lunch

#thrillseekingnature #morningtonpennisula #seeaustralia #localproduce #visitmelbourne #visitmp

Wishing everyone a happy and adventurous 2024.

Here is the WAM Adventure Menu for January, summer is humming so kick off the year in the best way and we’ll show you a side of the Mornington Peninsula that’s really special filled with nature, action, relaxation and sensational local produce.

Choose between:

📍 Peninsula Paddle Pinot & Pools - Guided Full Day Adventure
📍 SUP & Snorkel Safari - Guided Half Day Adventure
📍 Hot Pools to Rock Pools Discovery - Guided Wellness Adventure
📍 Secret Adventure Picnics - Self-Guided Adventure
📍 Private Adventure Tours - By Appointment

Just 8-9 spots on each adventure, click link in bio to book and discover your #thrillseekingnature on the #morningtonpeninsula

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The Mornington Peninsula’s Greatest Day Adventure this summer.

Our hero tour: Peninsula Paddle Pinot & Pools is the all encompassing, multi dimensional day out that gives you the most incredible taste of the #morningtonpeninsula .

🐬 Ocean Paddleboarding lesson and tour
🦜 Guided bushwalking spotting wildlife & birdlife
🥙 Delicious picnic lunch at viewpoint
♨️ Bathing at the Peninsula Hot Springs
🍷 Wine tasting at a beautiful laid back winery

Come and see what our guests have been raving about, why we have received 100% 5 Star reviews, what it’s like with one of Australia’s only tour operator Certified B-Corp’s, how we infuse regenerative practices with an enhanced customer service.

Just 9 spots per tour. Get a group together or come along solo.
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Providing diverse experiences from sunrise to sunset.

In 2023 you would have found the WAM van parked at:
🌊 Ocean Viewpoints
🏝️ Beaches
🌳 Rainforests
♨️ Hot Springs
⛰️ Mountain tops
🍷 Vineyards
🧺 Farmgates
❄️ Snow resorts
💧 Lakeside

Come and experience our multi-dimensional eco adventures in 2024.

#ecotourism #seeaustralia #regenerativetourism #visitmp #visitmelbourne

The sort of smiles that only come at the end of the most satisfying of adventurous days.

There is nothing quite like our hero experience:
Peninsula Paddle Pinot & Pools
📍 SUP Lesson & Tour
📍 Guided hike
📍 Picnic Lunch
📍 Peninsula Hot Springs
📍 Wine tasting (or a kombucha if you’d prefer)

Available until April. Click link in bio to find out more and book.

#morningtonpeninsula #thrillseekingnature #seeaustralia #visitmelbourne #visitmp

[Image description: 5 happy people at winery with views of vineyards, and valleys in the background]

Picnic with just you and nature this summer.

If there was feedback that summed up our Secret Adventure Picnics, it would be this one we just received…

“It was stunning! And so nice to have a private picnic - so often we go places that are full of other people and we both hate it 😂…honestly the best experience and exactly what we both needed in this busy festive season”

The above guests went on our ‘Rainforests Roos & Mountain-Top Views’ route and got this awesome photo of a kangaroo they met along the way.

We have four self-guided hike in, hike out picnic routes on the #morningtonpeninsula to choose from, which are different distances and landscapes depending on what you are looking for - all of them take you to stunning picnic locations hidden in nature where we provide an eco friendly picnic pack full of amazing produce grown locally.
Click link in bio to book…

Photo credit: @caitlin.tess

#thrillseekingnature #picnics #adventurepicnics #ecotourism #regenerativetourism #seeaustralia #visitmelbourne

What a weekend it’s been on the Mornington Peninsula.

On Saturday we hosted our full day Peninsula Paddle Pinot & Pools Adventure, then today it was our half day SUP & Snorkel Safari.

Great guests, great vibes, great memories.

Click link in bio to book in your adventure to finish off 2023 (or kick off 2024) with a WAM bang!


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