Clifftop, Falls & Rock Pools

This location is so damn astounding, it’s almost impossible to describe. Take a short hike through bushland until it opens out onto rolling coastal hills, enjoy a picnic in the grass on a clifftop breathing in some of the worlds cleanest air and all you can eat ocean views. Once fed and watered, stroll down to beach level past a creek that cascades down the basalt rock in a waterfall, before taking a refreshing dip in a natural rock pool that you could only dream of.

Important info:

  • The time of your adventure is curated to align with low tide so we will inform you of this upon booking.
  • To access the rock pools there are some uneven rocks to cross so this adventure is not suitable for those with mobility issues or with young children.
  • Contact us prior to booking if you wish to know a date when low tide timings will be suitable for your visit so that you can enjoy the rock pools. Do not visit the rock pools when it is not low tide as this can be extremely dangerous.