Bays of Islands, Diamonds & Pirates

This is a wild coastal hike at its absolute best. Uncover wild beaches, bays and rock formations, then take a dip into  a dreamy rock pool which is in the shape of a rose (when the tide is right). Take in the never-ending ocean views and then descend the sand dunes to a lookout that looks as though it’s been specially formed for a picnic spot to try an abundance of local flavours whilst breathing in the purest of air.

Important info:

  • Contact us prior to booking if you wish to know a date when low tide timings will be suitable for your visit so that you can enjoy the rock pools. Do not visit the rock pools when it is not low tide as this can be extremely dangerous.
  • To access the rock pools there are some unstable rocks to cross over so this adventure is not suitable for those with mobility issues or with young children.