Imagine going shopping and knowing everything you’re buying is making a positive difference?
Well, here you are, welcome to the WAM! Eco Shop

Like our adventures, all of the products featured here have been carefully selected and created to do good for you, the environment and local community.

How? It’s a fundamental part of our ethos to support local businesses which are sustainably conscious, but only those with products which are also of the highest quality. See below an incredible selection of stylish products which are a must have for any eco-conscious legend living a sustainable lifestyle. Some of these have been exclusively designed for WAM! and others are limited editions, but regardless of what you purchase, know that just by doing so you are giving back.

We have also included details of each product, the inspirational people behind them, and what that organization or product does to make a positive difference on the world.
Best of all, if you join an adventure, you get to try out all the products below (apart from the prints). If you can’t join an adventure right now, pick up an eco-product and pretend you are on one!

Enjoy, and any questions drop us an email at

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HONU Stand Up Paddleboards

Check out the paddleboards that WAM! uses over at HONU. Remember, you can always try one out on our adventures that include SUP!

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